Mystabar News

2022 Wildwood Scavenger Hunt!

6/14/2022 9:32:02 PM

We are building a scavenger hunt for Wildwood, New Jersey. Mystabar is sponsoring this scavenger hunt. There is no cost to anyone. This production will be released by late June. The start code will be in the production description. Enjoy!

Mystabar Beta Test Party P2 May 7th

5/5/2022 6:00:00 PM

We are launching production #2 Beta Test! Wilson's Pub 7:00 pm

Mystabar Beta Test Party P1 April 25th!

4/18/2022 5:01:10 PM

We are back at Harvard University! The Party() is at the Queens Head Pub! Harvard ID is required. Alumni are welcome to attend.