About Mystabar

Escape from the everyday grind with MYSTABAR.

Mystabar is a adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints and strategies found within the hosting establishment. A month of Mystabar cost an establishment less than one night of karaoke and players play for free.

What is Mystabar? Mystabar is a cloud based tavern entertainment system. Customers use smartphones, tablets, or laptops to log into Mystabar to solve mysteries. Players find key information at the establishment to solve puzzles and score points. Players may want to work alone, as teams or pairs.
Does Mystabar cost anything to play? Mystabar is free for players. However, players use their smartphones to play so data rates may apply and because some puzzles may utilized text messages, text message fees may apply.
Is there an app to install? Mystabar is a "mobile first website" and does not install anything on your device. Mystabar will run on any modern browser on any phone computer or tablet without any plugins or special software. All you need is a browser and put Mystabar.com in the address.
How often does Mystabar release new productions? Mystabar releases one production a month as part of the subscription package. However, establishments will be able to purchase additional productions.
Is this site secure? Yes. Mystabar forces encryption on everything transmitted. Sensitive information is security stored with salted hashes. If you do not know what that means, do not worry about it. There is some hacker out there shacking his fist in the air yelling, “Damn you Mystabarrrrrr!”
Why does the registration ask for my birthday? Adult beverage sponsors may not want underage players to see their offers. In addition, you must be over the age of 13 to use our service.
Why does the registration ask for my mobile number? Some puzzles may use text messages as part of the production.
What if I need help? Make friends, preferably smart friends.

How to play Mystabar

  1. Register and Login
  2. At the location enter the start code
  4. Start solving!
  5. Add friends alias to see their scores and progress

Establishment Mystabar Subscription

  • Attract more customers with this unique experience
  • Extremely cost effective when compared to other forms of entertainment.
  • No onsite staff is required to run Mystabar productions.
  • Get new productions every month as part of your subscription.
  • Order additional productions for special events
  • Send communications to your establishment’s Mystabar players